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Hörmann Handsender HS 5 868 MHz BiSecur schwarz

Hormann handset HS 5 BiSecur with 868 MHz in black

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HS 5 BS 868 MHz - BiSecur remote control from Hormann. 4-channel (+1 button for door query)... mehr

HS 5 BS 868 MHz - BiSecur remote control from Hormann. 4-channel (+1 button for door query) transmitter.

The query button (middle button) is for detecting the status of your garage door -- If you are within range, you can detect if your door is open or closed, even if the garage door is not visible. This feature is only usable with the following Hörmann motors: SupraMatic E, SupraMatic P, ProMatic, LineaMatic, LineaMatic P, RotaMatic, and ESE receiver.

All BiSecur remote controls from Hormann are backward compatible and can be used with Hormann Series 1 or 2 868 MHz openers.


  • Exclusive design
  • Garage Door Status Query button
  • Shock resistant
  • Easy code transfer - Easily programmable
  • 128 Bit Encryption - Increases the safety of your garage door opener frequency
  • Long battery life

Technical Information

  • Series 3 868 MHz BiSecur Frequency
  • Self-learning (easy to program)
  • 4 Channels
  • Battery: 1.5 V LR03 / AAA (Included)
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D): 38 x 95 x 16 mm
  • Key Color: Black Gloss
  • Range: Up to 30 meters, local conditions may influence range (concrete, power cables, transmission towers, etc.)

ATTENTION! Careful when buying your Hormann remote control...

  • Be sure to observe the frequency! (found on the back of your remote)
  • Hormann remotes only work with Hormann openers/ operators/ receivers. Third-parry products can not be operated with Hormann remote controls.
  • Be sure to note the color of the remotes buttons! Blue = 868 MHz (NOT BiSecur!), Grey = 40.685 MHz, Green = 26.975 MHz (WARNING: In the UK, the green button remotes tend to have a frequency of 26.995 MHz and are thus not compatible with receivers with 26.975 MHz -- check the back of your remote for the frequency!)
Frequenz: 868 MHz BiSecur
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Anzahl Tasten: 5
Modell: HS 5
Optik: Schwarz
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